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Connect2Trust geeft advies inzake voorstellen nieuwe cyberweerbaarheids- wetgevingen

Op 22 augustus heeft de Stichting Connect2Trust haar advies gegeven aan twee nieuwe wetsvoorstellen m.b.t. cyberweerbaarheid. Het eerste voorstel is gedaan door het Ministerie van Justitie & Veiligheid en gaat over de voorgestelde wijzigingen in de Wet Beveiliging Netwerk- en Informatiesystemen, het tweede voorstel is gedaan door het Ministerie van [...]

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Cyber Security Squad21

Become part of the Cyber Security Squad21 December 2021 to learn, adapt and overcome challenges!

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ABOUT CYBERSQUAD21 - December 2021

The world has changed in many ways over the past two years. While we were all forced to work from home in a matter of days, the COVID pandemic did more for digital transformation that we would like to appreciate. With a “new normal” in sight that permanently introduces hybrid working, we see the need for cybersecurity growing ever more in relevance across all sector blending private and business into a single digital world. After so many virtual meetings the past two years, we have decided to create an annual event to bring together young cybersecurity professionals, students and volunteers that foster a network of the next generation of CISOs, CTOs and CIOs.

We are proud to announce the launch of CyberSQUAD!

CyberSQUAD 2021 marks the beginning of the first-ever annual event in the Netherlands exclusively for our young cybersecurity professionals. Three non-profit foundations Connect2Trust, DIVD Academy and Jong-PvIB are inviting their networks for an afternoon of knowledge sessions meet-and-greets and a good-old fashion physical get together. Originally planned for its annual date on the last Thursday of August, the Covid-19 regulations have forced us to transform the event into becoming a CyberSQUAD Winter Edition to be held in December of 2021. We We would like to invite you to join us for a two-part event, where the first part will host high-level speakers and experts with exciting war-stories to share, and the second part will be at an appropriate winter location. These events are free-of-charge and will fully respect the COVID-19 guidelines.

The program part 1 - August 26 2021 - Afternoon (13:00 - 17:00)

To Be Announced in October

The program part 2 - Evening (17:00 - )

Experience Security

How to become part of the Squad

Sign up for free via the form below and we will process your application

Register now!

This event is invite-only by any of the three organizers and first-come first serve. If you want to meet your peers, make sure to check with them if they have been invited too. Anyone who has not received an invite but would like to join, please send an email to If you have been invited, please fill in the fields below for registration. After registration you will receive a notification of registration shortly, followed by additional information by the end of October on the exact date and location of the event.


  • Participants should have an interest in the field, sub-fields or adjacent fields of cyber security
  • Participants should be a young professional, student or volunteer in the field (under 36 years old)
  • Participants invited by one of the organizations hosting the event (Connect2Trust, DIVD, Jong-PvIB) should list who they’ve received their invitation from

Please register at the following website: 

Contact for any questions or problems with registration

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Squad 2021

This event is invite-only by any of the three organizers and first-come first serve. If you want to meet your peers, make sure to check with them if they have ...

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