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Connect2Trust is a growing foundation with a wide range of activities organised by volunteers. If you like contributing to these activities, read on (and sign up!).

Connect2Trust’s activities are possible thanks to a growing group of volunteers, including interns. Both experienced experts and students help to further develop Connect2Trust. They get involved in, for example, the further development of our ThreatMatcher platform, or help organise the annual cyberSQUAD event. By connecting ‘new’ and ‘experienced’ and by bringing together people from different organisations, we contribute to Connect2Trust and to the development of its volunteers and community.

Because Connect2Trust’s participants have locations around the world, we share threat information outside the Netherlands. Ambassadors are our feelers abroad. These are people who represent Connect2Trust abroad, because they live there or have specific knowledge of a country. Think about the laws and regulations or which (government) organisations Connect2Trust might have to deal with.

In our participants overview you will find an overview of our experts and the board, all of whom are also volunteers. Would you like to contribute to an activity? Then contact us at so we can explore what suits your interest and/or match you with an expert. We know that volunteering comes alongside your work or studies, this is where the effort will be tailored.

We hope you will become a part of our (inter)national Connect2Trust community and that we will see you at CyberSQUAD next year!

* Some employers have a Corporate Social Responsibility programme. This means you may volunteer time during working hours to a non-profit foundation like Connect2Trust.

* Existing Gold participants of Connect2Trust get a discount on their annual membership fee when they commit one or more volunteers.