Nederlands Security Meldpunt

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The Dutch Security Reporting Point was realised by six foundations (AbuseIO, AmsIX, Connect2Trust, DIVD, NBIP, SurfCERT) that have been working for many years on increasing cyber resilience in the Netherlands. The switching organizations recognized by the NCSC (in the form of a sector CERT or OKTT) want to remedy three problems that even future legislation will not be able to solve for the time being.

In the financial world a clearinghouse validates and completes a transaction between two parties. The Dutch Security Reporting Point fulfils a similar role in receiving and distributing notifications of vulnerabilities and weak configurations.

The Dutch Security Hotline for Cybersecurity is an operational distribution center for receiving and distributing actual occurences of abuse (information about unwanted configurations, vulnerabilities and unwanted use) to all organizations that do not receive information directly through NCSC because they are not in the scope rich and vital.

This also facilitates the sharing of information because the NCSC uses the Dutch Security Hotline to inform every organization at all times, even if they provide a vital or essential service.

More information about the Dutch Security Reporting Point can be found at the website