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For participation in Connect2Trust, you can choose from three types of participation, which vary from free of charge (Silver), becoming one of our ambassadors and most active participants (Platinum) or a less active variant (Gold). You can register using the form at the bottom of this page, after which you will be contacted to confirm your participation. You can also ask for more information via our contact form.

Silver participant

Silver participants receive both generic and specific threat information from the Dutch sources of Connect2Trust such as the NCSC, DIVD and NBIP via the Dutch Security Meldpunt. Specific threat information is selected from these sources based on the data entered in the form below. This ensures silver participants receive the most critical information from Connect2Trust as soon as it applies specifically to them. This information sharing is fully automated and functions 24/7 and 365 per year. Additionally, silver participants also receive generic information and have the opportunity to participate in Connect2Trust’s real-time messaging group. There are no costs associated with this silver membership.

Gold participant

Gold participants have access to all of Connect2Trust’s information resources. After admission, the every representative of a gold participant receives a personal login that allows access to our ThreatMatcher platform. In addition to the generic and specific information that is also provided to our silver participants, gold participants also have access to additional (inter)national sources and can visualise the information received in the ThreatMatcher dashboard and select based on their own profile in order to effectively prioritise. Each gold participant can give 1 to 2 representatives access to this platform, depending on the number of employees. These same representatives are also invited to quarterly meetings, monthly updates and get access to our other online collaboration tools and their own real-time messaging group. Gold participants also get the opportunity to avail the benefits from Connect2Trust’s Cyber Threat Alliance. Annual fees for gold participation range from €500 (ex. VAT) for foundations and small to medium-sized businesses, to €2. 500 (ex. VAT) for large organisations with more than 250 employees. SMEs with fewer than 5 employees pay an annual contribution of €100 (ex. VAT).

Platinum participant

Platinum participants are the ambassadors of Connect2Trust and actively contribute to the growth and maintenance of Connect2Trust. This contribution can consist of providing an in-kind contribution by modestly deploying employees in Connect2Trust projects, or by starting new activities themselves (with other participants) in our tables where active collaboration can take place around specific topics. This also allows platinum participants to (further) develop specific services such as in the ThreatConnect and CyberSQUAD projects. Platinum participants who make an in-kind contribution naturally have access to all these specific services. At the same time, platinum participants may also decide to offer gold and/or silver participants the opportunity to purchase additional services for an additional financial fee per service purchased from Connect2Trust.

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