Dutch Cyber Warfare Community

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The Dutch Cyber Warfare Community is an online society consisting of members with a very diverse background, who all work, wish to work or are very interested in the relatively new field of digital conflict (also called Cyber Warfare). These include politicians, policy makers, senior and middle managers, architects, technical specialists, law enforcement officers, forensic specialists and ethical hackers working for commercial companies, Defence, Justice, Police, local and national government agencies, financial institutions et cetera. Since its inception in 2011, the organization has experienced explosive growth with now over 1000 members and an active forum on LinkedIn.

It is the mission of DCWC to make the Netherlands safer online through open discussion and network meetings. With a penetration rate of internet connections of more than 90%, the Netherlands has become a very internet-dependent country. It is impossible to imagine our society without the Internet, and it is woven into every layer of our society.  The personal ties that arise from the meetings strengthen the cooperation between the various institutions and commercial companies. In the event of a security incident, cooperation with other parties is often beneficial and the creation of personal ties across agencies can significantly improve the speed of response and effectiveness. This is therefore the goal of DCWC.

You can read more about the Dutch Cyber Warfare Community (DCWC) via the website