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Tuinbouwcluster krijgt toegang tot actuele cyberdreigings-informatie door samenwerking Connect2Trust en Cyberweerbaarheidscentrum Greenport

03-11-2022 Toegang tot de meest actuele en relevante dreigingsinformatie is een belangrijke voorwaarde om als ondernemer sneller betere beslissingen te nemen over de digitale veiligheid van je bedrijf. Belangrijke economische sectoren zoals het Nederlandse tuinbouwcluster hebben tot op heden echter nog zeer beperkt toegang hiertoe. Dat is waarom Connect2Trust en [...]

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Mission statement

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Based on our mission, Connect2Trust strives for a digitally resilient and secure Netherlands. By facilitating its participants, informing them and bringing them together in a trusted environment, participating organizations strengthen themselves and each other.

Attuned to the individual needs of each participant, the Connect2Trust Foundation has the task to realize this mission through the following goals:

  1. To provide access to its own secure platform for sharing threat information received by Connect2Trust as a recognized NCSC switching organization from various sources in the public and private sector;
  2. To contribute to the strengthening of (chain) security in a cross-sector environment by sharing knowledge, information and experience regarding cybersecurity in a secure environment;
  3. To develop a trusted network of cybersecurity professionals for sharing knowledge, information and experiences through annual events with special attention for young cybersecurity professionals;
  4. The joint representation of the participating organizations and professionals in talks with (inter)national governments, cybersecurity companies and non-profit organizations active in the field of cybersecurity.

The performance of all that is related or conducive to the above described in paragraphs 1 to 4.