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Various studies have shown that companies struggle to determine what information they should share and receive. This concerns both their own organization and for those companies with which they are (potentially) digitally connected which can create (for example) supply chain risks.

In 2019, thanks to a financial contribution from the Cyber Security Alliance, Connect2Trust launched the ThreatConnect project. This project of the Cybersecurity Alliance further explores how to identify a single cyber ecosystem. ThreatConnect focuses on mapping the companies that are digitally connected and is considered a unique piece of service. This scan also adds additional value in relation to broad information sharing.

After an analysis of possible technology partners that can support this was carried out with support from the HSD, a Proof-of-Concept was carried out by three participants to test the added value of such an approach. Based on this, it was concluded that the creation of a non-intrusive “digital footprint” of ThreatConnect provides value in mapping the supply chain of an organization. At the same time, making these insights publicly available poses too great a risk of misuse by malicious parties. It was decided not to make this tool publicly available but only to make it accessible to Connect2Trust participants.

Finally, after a selection process from several technology partners, it was decided to enter into a partnership with Cybersprint as part of the Cyber Threat Alliance. This partnership offers no obligation to interested Connect2Trust participants:

  • Exclusive threat intelligence briefings and research
  • Knowledge in the form of participation in (mutual) discussions
  • Access to an annual ThreatConnect quick scan report in which the Digital Footprint of an organization is visually and numerically represented;
  • An annual benchmark in which the Digital Footprints of the participating organization can be compared to each other based on benchmark parameters that can be specified by the participants themselves.