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Tuinbouwcluster krijgt toegang tot actuele cyberdreigings-informatie door samenwerking Connect2Trust en Cyberweerbaarheidscentrum Greenport

03-11-2022 Toegang tot de meest actuele en relevante dreigingsinformatie is een belangrijke voorwaarde om als ondernemer sneller betere beslissingen te nemen over de digitale veiligheid van je bedrijf. Belangrijke economische sectoren zoals het Nederlandse tuinbouwcluster hebben tot op heden echter nog zeer beperkt toegang hiertoe. Dat is waarom Connect2Trust en [...]

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Anti-Abuse Coalition

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We are working on an increasingly secure online infrastructure for all Dutch people and we are proud of the Dutch Internet networks. Especially at the time of a COVID-19 pandemic, for example, it has become clear that our data centers and hosting companies ensure that we can do our work at home.

Although we are not there yet in the Netherlands. Information about things that go wrong often does not reach parties who can act to combat this insecurity. Think of: online abuse, crime and vulnerabilities. If we organize information sharing more intelligently, we can better secure our entire society. To achieve this, some of the cooperation between business, government, the non-profit sector and science needs to change.

Therefore, on February 14, 2020, we decided to join forces and formulate how we can organize our digital information sharing.

Our mission is to seek and find continuous improvements within information flows, even for the threats that are yet to come, and at the same time our daily work continues. We continue to work on online security every day.