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The Connect2Trust Foundation is a cross-sector partnership between (inter)national companies active in the Netherlands. Connect2Trust provides a safe and trusted environment within which private parties who are part of Connect2Trust can analyze and exchange sensitive and confidential information about cyberthreats and best practices, together with (cyber)security-challenged government parties.

Project ThreatConnect
Various studies show that many companies struggle to determine what information they should share and receive. This relates to both their own organization and for those companies with which they are (potentially) digitally connected which can create (for example) supply chain risks. Each cyber ecosystem has one or more unique elements that connects its participants. Read more about the ThreatConnect project here

Project ThreatMatcher
In the ThreatMatcher project, functionality is being developed to make the process of information sharing faster, controllable, automated, secure and scalable so that information arrives on time, as needed and to the right organizations. You can read more about the ThreatMatcher project here.