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As an expert, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) works on a digitally secure Netherlands. The digital infrastructure is of vital importance: for payments, clean water from the tap and to keep our feet dry. The NCSC has 3 main tasks:

Understanding vulnerabilities and threats in the digital domain. They identify and interpret risks and trends. The knowledge they collect is widely accessible.

Connecting parties, knowledge and information. As a government organization, they are the connecting link in a network of national and international partners.

Preventing social damage and limiting threats. They provide expert support and advice. With the studies, analyses and products they give immediate action perspective. In the event of a crisis they are on standby 24/7.

They do not do it alone. By working together, they add value in all these areas. Reliable and decisive. In this way, they enable the Netherlands to be digitally resilient, step by step.

Together we make the Netherlands digitally safe.

You can read more about the NCSC on the website.