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Connect2Trust explicitly focuses on cross-sector information sharing because modern organisations are almost always cross-sectorally connected with other organisations as seen through ThreatConnect. Sectoral separation of information sharing hinders joint cyber resilience across the chain. Connect2Trust therefore strives to create as wide a variety as possible in order to identify generic and specific information needs (inter)nationally. For reasons of confidentiality, only the place of business and sector of each participant is shown in the overview below. Participants who did wish to display their membership visibly on our website are shown below as Support with name and logo.

Aangesloten sector Aantal deelnemers
Global IT Integrator 1
Construction 1
Consulting 1
Software development 2
Cyber Security 1
eCommerce 1
Media 1
Managed Service provider 1
Government 2
Multinational Conglomerate 1
Insurance & Finance 1
Healthcare 1
Pharmaceutical 1
Printing 1
Retail 2
Defense 1
Agriculture 1
Storage & Logistics 1
Transportation 1

Supporters van Connect2Trust