Cyber Threat Alliance

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Many Connect2Trust participants use the same cybersecurity technologies or services. The Cyber Threat Alliance aims to see where synergy can be found between the services of these vendors and the interests of Connect2Trust participants. Because Connect2Trust participants create a collective picture of the demand for technologies or services, it is possible to engage in targeted dialogue with cybersecurity vendors. Thus, an ecosystem of cybersecurity companies is created that can individually and collectively assist Connect2Trust participants in increasing cyber resilience.

After an initial cautious exploration through partnerships Zerocopter and Cybersprint, the Cyber Threat Alliance will take shape from 2022 onwards. The partnership with the HSD will help to further map out the ecosystem and, where desired by our participants, expand it. At the same time, participants can also decide to become part of the Cyber Threat Alliance in addition to their existing participation. Provided sufficient assurances are provided that both these roles and the information received is adequately separated within the organization, this is also possible.