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Tuinbouwcluster krijgt toegang tot actuele cyberdreigings-informatie door samenwerking Connect2Trust en Cyberweerbaarheidscentrum Greenport

03-11-2022 Toegang tot de meest actuele en relevante dreigingsinformatie is een belangrijke voorwaarde om als ondernemer sneller betere beslissingen te nemen over de digitale veiligheid van je bedrijf. Belangrijke economische sectoren zoals het Nederlandse tuinbouwcluster hebben tot op heden echter nog zeer beperkt toegang hiertoe. Dat is waarom Connect2Trust en [...]

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Connect2Science is the newest activity of Connect2Trust. A central theme from the previous projects ThreatConnect and ThreatMatcher is that innovation is a necessary element to maintain cyber resilience. Digital transformation, the increasing use of new technologies and the importance of secure data sharing make this a key theme that Connect2Trust is focusing on.

To achieve this innovative nature, Connect2Trust participates in various coalitions such as the Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation, the Dutch Cyber Warfare Community, the Data Sharing Coalition and the HSD’s OT-Security Community of Practice. Through these coalitions, Connect2Trust participants can be alerted to innovative projects in the Netherlands or Europe, a network of experts in t field of cyber warfare and Operational Technology is unlocked, and Connect2Trust contributes to a safer way of exchanging data.

As part of Connect2Science, Connect2Trust also offers students the possibility to do an internship at the foundation itself, or at one of the participants. Interested parties can send an email to The platinum participants of Connect2Trust are also happy to act as ambassadors for the subject during lectures, Summer Schools and presentations. More information on this can also be obtained via