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Connect2Trust Foundation participates in the following coalitions:

Cybersecurity Alliance

The Cybersecurity Alliance (CS Alliance) is the platform of the public-private partnership for a digitally resilient Netherlands. The parties actively involved in the CS Alliance carry out concrete, short-term projects that contribute to the pursuit of a digitally resilient Netherlands.

Data Sharing Coalition

The Data Sharing Coalition is a collaborative project that aims to stimulate the sharing of data between organizations in different sectors and domains. The coalition wants to achieve this by developing a generic Trust Framework with generic building blocks and agreements for cross-sector data sharing, which will be arranged by its members.

Anti-Abuse Coalition

The Anti-Abuse Coalition is a group that decided to join forces and formulate how to organize our digital information sharing. Our mission is to seek and find continuous improvements within the information flows, even for the threats that are yet to come, and at the same time our daily work continues. We continue to work on online security every day.

SIDN Pioneer Network

SIDN Foundation

SIDN Foundation contributes to a strong internet. An open and free internet that is accessible to all. An internet that people can trust and build upon and that is optimally used, because people feel safe to communicate freely with each other, to work together and to share information. We do this in part by supporting innovative applications of digital technology and software/hardware that enhance the Internet and are preferably accessible to all users.

Connect2Trust participates in the SIDN Foundation’s pioneering network.

Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation

Cyber-attacks can happen anytime and anywhere. Society faces a major challenge in effectively preventing or repelling them. The knowledge and expertise required are scarce, but essential for ensuring digital security. A holistic approach with a focus on innovation is the key to long-term success in a rapidly changing threat landscape. Collaboration is crucial to this: the collective is always stronger than the individual.

The Liaison Partnership is intended for organizations with a strong interest in both learning from and contributing to current and future innovations in cybersecurity.

Dutch Cyber Warfare Community (DCWC)


The Dutch Cyber Warfare Community is an online society consisting of members from very diverse backgrounds, all of whom work, wish to work, or are highly interested in the relatively new field of digital conflict (also known as Cyber Warfare).